IDC: Wearable Market Drivers are Clearly Health and Fitness For Now
- March 06, 2017

Starting with Fitbit, the company managed to retain its dominance in the wearable market despite facing one of its largest declines ever. Despite a decline in the number of units shipped, Fitbit still leads with a market share of 19.2 percent, which is a 9.8 percent decrease from the same quarter past year. (more...)
Is the Bentley Bentayga Mulliner the most luxurious SUV in the world? Is the Bentley Bentayga Mulliner the most luxurious SUV in the world?
- March 04, 2017

So, how did the British marque improve on the already luxurious Bentayga? Turning to its in-house personal commissioning division, Mulliner, Bentley has created the Bentayga Mulliner and a special one-off version will be shown at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show next week. (more...)
Bolts quickly flip Streit to Penguins
- March 03, 2017

The Lightning General Manager quickly turned around and traded Mark Streit to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for a Fourth Round Pick in the 2018 NHL Draft. Both primary forwards were said to be taken aback recently when team GM Joe Sakic declared that young forwards Nathan MacKinnon and Mikko Rantanen, respectively 21 and 20 years of age, were the team's lone untouchables. (more...)
Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks continue, new photo shows on-screen navigation buttons Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks continue, new photo shows on-screen navigation buttons
- March 02, 2017

It makes us appreciate the upcoming phone's dazzling design. A handful of photos that claim to show the Samsung Galaxy S8 have been leaked by BGR . Samsung claimed it continues to relentlessly pursue the best in hardware, software and services, redefining what are possible for consumers across the globe. (more...)
BlackBerry KeyOne pairs physical keyboard with Android Nougat
- February 28, 2017

With its physical keyboard packed into a candy bar form factor, the KEYone is definitely one of the more interesting Android phones that we've seen lately. BlackBerry came up with different mobile devices but has not made much-needed noise to self-promote and it may be entirely different with the KeyOne . (more...)
Reliance Jio Prime vs Airtel, Vodafone, Idea 4G offers
- February 28, 2017

While other telecom giants like Airtel and Vodafone are offering 3 to 4 GB of data at heavily discounted prices, in comparison to just the prices they offered a year back, their offer still lags behind Jio's 1GB per day data limit. The data will be on 2G in the circles where Idea operates under 3G roaming agreements until 4G is launched. To compete with RJio, Vodafone had also announced free incoming calls while roaming nationally last Diwali. (more...)
Huawei P10 and Huawei P10 Plus Review: Hands-on Huawei P10 and Huawei P10 Plus Review: Hands-on
- February 27, 2017

In comparison, the Huawei P10 Plus features a 5.5-inch 2K (1440x2560 pixels) display , and comes with a 3750mAh battery. We've heard a lot about the phones in the previous weeks, and today those leaks have been confirmed. The P10 Plus is expected to be armed with a 3,650mAh battery. There is expandable 32GB storage , a microUSB port, and a 3,000 mAh battery. The P10 comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage , and this increases to 6GB and 128GB for the P10 Plus. (more...)
New Leak Reveals That The Nokia 3310 2017 Won't Be A Smartphone
- February 26, 2017

It is speculated that the new 3310, which will feature the same "indestructible" body and long-lasting battery as the original, will retail for 59 Euros (USD 62 or Rs 4300 approximately). The Symbian S40 developed by Nokia was the most advanced OS for features phones when Nokia bid adieu to smartphones. Evan Blass has given us a sweet, little dope on Nokia 3310 , and now, we've some nitty-gritty on the device to write a piece on. (more...)
Microsoft launches new Skype Lite for India
- February 24, 2017

Since Skype is a conversational platform, we would also like to see some integration with Microsoft Cortana for conversational bots. Microsoft began building out its Skype Bot platform past year and opened it up to developers so they could create their own conversational bots for use with Skype's messaging service . (more...)
ICE arrests Mexican 'Dreamer' with no criminal record ICE arrests Mexican 'Dreamer' with no criminal record
- February 17, 2017

Mr. Ramirez was asleep at his father's home in Seattle, Washington when the agents arrived and arrested Mr. Ramirez's father. Daniel Ramirez was detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Seattle, Washington, on February 10 and threatened with deportation despite being a recipient of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also known as DACA, a lawsuit filed on Monday alleges. (more...)
What to know about California's failing Oroville Dam What to know about California's failing Oroville Dam
- February 16, 2017

The problem began when a portion of the dam's concrete emergency slipway eroded, opening up a 200-foot-long, 30-foot-deep hole. Thirty tons of rock per hour are being placed on the erosion hole at the front of the emergency spillway, with helicopters placing the rock about every one-and-a-half minutes, Croyle said . (more...)
Ultra Street Fighter II: New First-Person Mode Confirmed
- February 16, 2017

According to the site's translation, the new mode is designed for JoyCon controllers. It looks like the company will easily be able to dole out games for the Nintendo Switch as Nintendo is said to be more open to third-party developers this time around. (more...)
Mitsubishi's new compact SUV is called Eclipse Cross Mitsubishi's new compact SUV is called Eclipse Cross
- February 15, 2017

We hoped Mitsubishi wouldn't name its new crossover after the Eclipse , as it would once again show that Japanese automaker has no intentions whatsoever to return to its roots and give us a few interesting sedans alongside the crossovers and SUVs and mini-electrics, but Mitsubishi unfortunately confirmed the rumor in a press release today. (more...)
School Staff Plays 'Marry, F***, Kill' Game And Names Students
- February 15, 2017

Parents at a USA school are livid that six teachers filmed playing the game "f--, marry, kill" about students during a drinking session at a local bar have kept their jobs. "At the time the person who had the video had allowed us to see it", the school district's attorney said. Two teachers involved in the discussion have been given written reprimands and a school secretary resigned. (more...)
Verizon Starts to Offer Unlimited Data Plan Again Verizon Starts to Offer Unlimited Data Plan Again
- February 14, 2017

The biggest USA wireless carrier said the new package will be priced at $ 80 a month on a single line, with unlimited data, talk and text. These upgrades are available starting this Friday, February 17, at no extra charge for customers on T-Mobile ONE. (more...)
Three UK takes over UK Broadband Limited
- February 08, 2017

The deal will help Three grow its spectrum capacity which might come in handy for launching 5G services in the future. Three UK has reached an agreement to acquire UK Broadband Limited. It does not have the share of spectrum or scale of operation to challenge bigger rivals such as BT and Vodafone. There is an Ofcom auction of more spectrum due later in 2017 but by securing this block to either use for 4G mobile or fixed services three looks to have de-risked the cost of being outbid and ... (more...)
Galaxy S8 To Sport A Hardware Button For New Virtual Assistant Bixby
- February 01, 2017

In terms of specifications, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to sport a 5.7-inch and 6.2-inch display . However, it's speculated that smartphone enthusiasts can expect a longer battery life , sharper display screen resolution, and premium stereo speakers. (more...)
Major Tech Companies Are Coming Together To Fight Trump's Immigration Ban Major Tech Companies Are Coming Together To Fight Trump's Immigration Ban
- February 01, 2017

Bezos wrote in an email to employees Monday that company lawyers have prepared a "declaration of support" backing Bob Ferguson, Washington state's attorney general, in a lawsuit against the Trump administration's order. The firm's CEO Satya Nadella, originally from Hyderabad, India, said over the weekend: "As an immigrant and as a CEO, I've both experienced and seen the positive impact that immigration has on our company, for the country, and for the world". (more...)
'Resident Evil 7' (ALL) Ships 2.5 Million Units To Stores 'Resident Evil 7' (ALL) Ships 2.5 Million Units To Stores
- January 30, 2017

You can check out more GameRevolution videos on our YouTube channel . But after playing through the first few hours of the game on a PC, Resident Evil 7 is just as terrifyingly good without. That's saying a lot given that the first game released in 1996. Resident Evil 7 is much more lovely on PS4 Pro or not? More importantly, Resident Evil 7 runs at a lower resolution in VR, which pulls the significant level of detail that makes the game so damn immersive from the player. (more...)
Barclays: UK will still be the 'financial lungs' of Europe
- January 20, 2017

Mr Staley admitted to concerns about "transition periods" while Britain's exit from the European Union is negotiated, but said London will fend off attacks from Frankfurt and Paris. Financial firms have accepted that they will lose their "passporting" rights to freely sell services across the 28-nation bloc after Brexit, but want more time to adapt to whatever terms are agreed with the EU. (more...)
Samsung Executive Faces Corruption Charges In Case Against President Park
- January 19, 2017

The political scandal centres on President Park Geun-Hye's secret confidante Choi Soon-Sil. Choi, in detention and on trial on charges of abuse of power and attempted fraud, again denied wrongdoing on Monday in an appearance at the Constitutional Court. (more...)
Apple To Feature 32GB, 16GB RAM For 2017 MacBook Pro Devices
- January 18, 2017

The 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro will both get seventh-generation Intel Kaby Lake chips, Kuo wrote, according to AppleInsider . It's said to feature 32GB of RAM and enter production in early fourth quarter. Apple's SVP of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller said past year that allowing more than 16GB of RAM "would require a memory system that consumes much more power and wouldn't be efficient enough for a notebook". (more...)
CEO of Sony Entertainment leaving for Snapchat CEO of Sony Entertainment leaving for Snapchat
- January 15, 2017

Kazuo Hirai, the president and chief executive of Sony Corp. based in Tokyo, will assume a more hands-on role at the company's movie, television and music division, at least temporarily The New York Times reports that Lynton will step down on February 2. (more...)
Has Wal-Mart Just Revealed the Nintendo Switch Price? Has Wal-Mart Just Revealed the Nintendo Switch Price?
- January 12, 2017

The latter was highly featured in the console's trailers and teasers, so it would only make sense for Nintendo to make the game available upon launch. In a recent report from BGR , the Nintendo Switch's price happened to be leaked as several sources have started suggesting the price coming around $250. (more...)
Microsoft and Platinum part ways on Scalebound, development ceased
- January 12, 2017

The game has been in the works for more than four years, and was being developed by Japanese studio Platinum Games, best known for fast-paced action titles like Bayonetta and Vanquish. These project members then returned, but Scalebound was now behind schedule. Little has been since of Crackdown 3 since August of 2015. It was first announced in 2014 and positioned as a major new exclusive for the publisher that would go on to surface at many of its big press events, including last ... (more...)
BMW Loses luxury-Car Crown to Mercedes BMW Loses luxury-Car Crown to Mercedes
- January 12, 2017

Despite demonetization, Mercedes Benz India has managed to once again register sales of more than 13,000 units. The Supreme Court's ban on registration of diesel vehicles over 2.0 litres in the NCR brought sales in this crucial luxury market to a complete standstill. (more...)
Ford confirms the return of the Ranger and Bronco trucks
- January 12, 2017

Though the truck hasn't been built for the United States in some time, Ford Australia and Mazda have been offering versions for global markets since 2011 and 1998, respectively. While Ford stopped building and selling the Ranger in the 2011, an all-new version made its debut that year and is now sold in many markets around the world (including Europe and China). (more...)
After years of speculation, aliens have been found in Elite: Dangerous After years of speculation, aliens have been found in Elite: Dangerous
- January 07, 2017

Xbox One gamer DP Sayre was engaged in a hyperspace jump when they got pulled out of it by a mysterious force. Thargoids are reportedly, as per the earlier titles, a hostile faction, insectoid in nature. Numerous ships that met the alien vessel appear to have been carrying "unknown artefacts" as cargo. Elite Dangerous is now available for PC and Xbox One and soon the game will be available for PlayStaion 4. (more...)
Spanish border guards find migrants hidden in auto and suitcase Spanish border guards find migrants hidden in auto and suitcase
- January 04, 2017

The migrants reportedly used rocks and metal bars to try and break through gates to get to the border fence. The man is believed to be a 19-year-old from Gabon, who was later treated by medical staff. On Monday, two more migrants were found hidden in false compartments built into a auto arriving from Morocco. Spanish authorities, for their part, said that two would-be migrants were allowed into Ceuta to be taken care of at a local hospital while the rest were returned to Morocco. (more...)
Volvo loses Sweden's best-selling auto crown for first time in 54 years Volvo loses Sweden's best-selling auto crown for first time in 54 years
- January 04, 2017

In France meanwhile, sales of new cars breached the symbolic two-million threshold for the first time since 2011, according to the French automakers' association CCFA. Truck sales rose by a whopping 15.3 percent, with 58,174 new trucks sold a year ago. The share sale was "another step towards Volvo Cars' long-expressed ambition to act as a listed company", the automaker said in a news release December 20. (more...)