Osprey suffers mishap off coast of Okinawa Osprey suffers mishap off coast of Okinawa
- December 14, 2016

Japan on Wednesday demanded that the US suspend flights of its controversial US Marine Osprey aircraft after one appeared to crash land off the southern island of Okinawa. The Osprey tilt-rotor transport aircraft ditched off the eastern coast of the city of Uruma at around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday. The five crew members on board - including two who were injured - were rescued by airmen from Kadena Air Base's 33rd and 31st Rescue Squadrons. (more...)
Egyptian president names 22-year-old as attacker of Cairo Coptic church
- December 13, 2016

Sisi is fighting battles on several fronts. We condemn without reservation this cowardly attack, irrespective of the perpetrators. There was no immediate claim of responsibility, however, some supporters of the Islamic State militant group celebrated the attack on social media. (more...)
Sterling could return for Leicester trip: Guardiola
- December 12, 2016

Former England striker Gary Lineker, Leicester City's most famous and perhaps favourite son, wondered aloud last week whether last season's Premier League triumph had all been a insane dream, so dismal had their defence of the title been. The former France worldwide took the reins at the Premier League side's sister club on January 1 and enjoyed a promising debut season in charge, leading New York City to a second-placed finish in the Eastern Conference, before losing 7-0 on aggregate to ... (more...)
Trump Rejects Intel, Lawmakers Vow Probe of Russia Hacking
- December 12, 2016

Trump's comments go against the conclusion of the Central Intelligence Agency that individuals with connections to the Russian government provided WikiLeaks with thousands of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and others to boost Trump's chances. (more...)
Severe cyclonic storm 'Vardah' to cross Andhra coast on Monday Severe cyclonic storm 'Vardah' to cross Andhra coast on Monday
- December 11, 2016

The Visakhapatnam Cyclone Warning Centre (CWC) said Cyclone Vardah, which has caused heavy to very heavy rains over Andaman and Nicobar Islands, lay centred in the Bay of Bengal at about 1,000 km southeast off the Visakhapatnam coast in the early hours of Friday. (more...)
Italy President asks Renzi to delay resignation Italy President asks Renzi to delay resignation
- December 10, 2016

Following the consultations, which will begin on Thursday evening, Mr Mattarella is widely expected to ask a member of Mr Renzi's cabinet, or a politician from his Democratic Party, to try to form a new government. The main stock index in Milan was volatile. Italy's main stock market index fell by about 1 percent, but European stocks were otherwise trading slightly firmer and US stock futures were also positive. (more...)
Several flights, trains delayed, cancelled due to fog in Delhi
- December 10, 2016

Several trains are running late at the Nizamuddin Railway Station, while others which are reported rescheduled/cancelled are from New Delhi and Old Delhi railway stations. 30 trains were rescheduled and 2 trains cancelled. Also the arrival and departure on nine global and 15 domestic flights were hit due to poor visibility. (more...)
Nico Rosberg retires from Formula 1
- December 09, 2016

His seat still warm, as Rosberg looks ahead to the rest of his life, keen to put the hostility of the Mercedes garage far behind him, the sport's supremo, Bernie Ecclestone, fired his own little farewell shot. "As part of the travelling team, you will be responsible for the operation of an F1 auto at track events including demos, tests and grands prix", it said. (more...)
Biden jokes about 2020 bid Biden jokes about 2020 bid
- December 09, 2016

Mark Makela/Getty Images News/Getty ImagesSCRANTON, PA - AUGUST 15: Vice President Joe Biden appears at a rally with Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at Riverfront Sports athletic facility on August 15, 2016 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. (more...)
Sasikala, Panneerselvam Meet 2 Days in a Row, Talk Future of Party
- December 09, 2016

Her most valuable possession was the Poes Garden residence (bought in 1967), valued at Rs 44 crore, followed by the Rs 14-crore vineyard near Hyderabad (1968). "Comparisons with Jayalalithaa will be inevitable, and she does not want to cut a sorry figure before the public and the cadres". In all likelihood, Sasikala will inherit the prime property as well as several crores of Jayalalithaa's wealth. (more...)
Prosecutors to play confession in church shooting trial
- December 09, 2016

Roof is on trial on 33 federal counts, including hate crimes, in the June 2015 shootings of nine black parishioners during a Bible study at Emanuel AME Church previous year. Roof, who is white, replied: "Y'all are raping our white women, y'all are taking over the world", said Mr Richardson. Judge Richard Gergel considered the request Thursday morning, and after about 25 minutes of discussion with lawyers for both sides, he dismissed the suggestion that the trial should halt. (more...)
Ghana Election Website Back Online After 'Attempted Hack'
- December 09, 2016

The main challenger in Ghana's presidential election has said he is confident of victory but called on supporters to give the electoral commission more time to do its work. Counting was underway in Ghana yesterday after presidential and parliamentary polls closed, in what has been touted a close contest between incumbent John Mahama and his rival Nana Akufo-Addo. (more...)
Iran: US threatens nuclear deal, warns of 'strong reaction'
- December 08, 2016

He added that Iran's approaches were "defensive and retaliatory" in nature. "The administration retains and has used substantial authority to impose sanctions against Iran ", White House spokesman Josh Earnest said . "The Iranians need to know that there are consequences for their actions". "In the absence of that, the United States should not ultimately let them be the veto over what we decide is the appropriate foreign policy". (more...)
Iraqi PM: IS Group 'Doesn't Have Gut' to Fight
- December 08, 2016

Six weeks into a major offensive, Iraqi forces have captured almost half of Eastern Mosul, moving from district to district against ISIL snipers, suicide attackers and vehicle bombs, Iraqi News reported. The liberated districts are all located in what is known as the left bank of the Tigris River, covering northeastern, eastern and southeastern Mosul. (more...)
MI to begin recount; legal fight moves to Pennsylvania
- December 08, 2016

Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton by 10,704 votes in MI. Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein dropped a state lawsuit seeking a recount of votes in Pennsylvania and instead took her case to federal court, arguing that the state's voting system is a "national disgrace ". (more...)
Apple vs. Samsung: Millions' War Continues in Courts Apple vs. Samsung: Millions' War Continues in Courts
- December 08, 2016

South Korean smartphone maker Samsung has won a US Supreme Court case which overturns a lower court's decision to make it pay as much as $399m to rival Apple. In July 2016, Apple filed a brief against Samsung in its patent infringement lawsuit. The court heard the case in October, the first design patent suit the highest US court has taken up in 120 years. (more...)
47 killed as Pakistan plane crashes (Third Lead)
- December 08, 2016

The airline said the plane crashed at 1642 local time (12.42 p.m. BST) in the Havelian area of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, about 125 km (77 miles) north of Islamabad . Witnesses reported that the plane was on fire as it came down and exploded on impact. The country's deadliest crash was in 2010, when an Airbus 321 operated by private airline Airblue and flying from Karachi crashed into hills outside Islamabad while about to land, killing all 152 on board. (more...)
David Davis says Brexit plan will not 'jeopardise our position'
- December 08, 2016

But there was significant dissent across the Commons, with 23 Labour MPs defying their leadership to vote against triggering Article 50. The number of MPs who voted against was higher than had been anticipated and included Tory heavy hitter Ken Clarke. (more...)
Dissidents urge Trump to press China on human rights
- December 08, 2016

But he shook Beijing on December 2 by upending protocol and talking to Tsai as if she were the head of an internationally recognized nation. Chris Murphy, a Democratic member of the U.S. China is the United States' largest trading partner, but America ran a $366bn deficit with Beijing in goods and services in 2015, up 6.6% on the year before. (more...)
Death toll rises after natural disaster in Indonesia's Aceh
- December 08, 2016

A 2004 quake off Sumatra island triggered a tsunami that killed 230,000 in Indonesia and other countries. Almost 100 people have been killed and dozens of buildings destroyed following the 6.5 quake in Aceh. Hundreds were injured and dozens of buildings were destroyed. John Ebel, professor of earth and environmental sciences at Boston College, said there is a risk of aftershocks that even if relatively weak could cause further damage to buildings, particularly because modern building codes ... (more...)
Trump meets former Vice President Gore in New York - Gore Trump meets former Vice President Gore in New York - Gore
- December 07, 2016

Praising Ivanka Trump for her commitment to climate change , Gore said her passion was evident during the meeting ahead of the discussion with Donald Trump. "It was a honest search for areas of common ground", he told reporters after leaving Trump Tower. Despite there being strong scientific opinion based on research man is contributing to global climate change, many Republicans have scoffed at reports this is the case. (more...)
Jayalalithaa's death certificate issued by Greater Chennai Corporation - Pic inside
- December 07, 2016

Mourners showered the glass coffin with flowers and clambered onto statues, trees and soft-drink stalls that lined the city's Marina beach to view the cortege. Indian supporters and ministers gather alongside the coffin of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram at Rajaji Hall in Chennai on December 6, 2016. (more...)
KP bodies demand sedition case against Farooq Abdullah KP bodies demand sedition case against Farooq Abdullah
- December 07, 2016

The National Conference leader expressed hope that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would definitely resume talks with the Asian neighbour and restore peace between the two countries. What Farooq Abdullah said must not be construed as a manifestation of frustration of a party that was virtually decimated by the Kashmiri Muslims themselves in the 2014 general elections and the Assembly elections. (more...)
France PM Manuel Valls expected to announce presidential bid
- December 07, 2016

Cazeneuve, who has overseen the security forces' reaction to a string of jihadist attacks that have killed more than 230 people in France over the past two years, will take control of the Socialist government until the election in May. Polls suggest Le Pen is likely to win most votes in April's first-round ballot as her long-standing opposition to immigration finds favor with voters unnerved by Islamist attacks. (more...)
Russia, Turkey keep lines open on Syria amid competing goals
- December 06, 2016

Officials in Ankara earlier said that the Turkish military's objective is the fight against the Islamic State (terrorist group outlawed in Russia - TASS ) and the Kurdish armed groups in northern Syria . "We have coordination aimed at avoiding unintentional incidents with the US-led coalition, and Turkey is part of it", Lavrov noted. He stated that Turkey's policy on Syria " remains unchanged ". (more...)
Residents of Iraq's Mosul fight, jostle over food
- December 06, 2016

The Iraqi government and various humanitarian organisations has been sending trucks loaded with food and clothes into liberated areas of Mosul . "In my telephone call with President-elect Trump, he assured me that the U.S. Most gains have been made by the special forces operating in the section of Mosul east of the Tigris river. ISIS is now locked in battle against an array of forces for control of Mosul , the second largest city in Iraq and the largest city under the militant group's ... (more...)
After Brexit, Italy to vote on European Union membership referendum on Sunday
- December 06, 2016

The budget includes plans to loosen the fiscal strings to finance tax cuts, increased health and education spending and measures to help smaller companies and the country's earthquake-hit areas. Polls have shown the "yes" and "no" camps nearly neck-and-neck, with many voters still undecided. Mr Renzi, who says he will quit if he loses the referendum, had championed a market solution to solve the problems of Italy's €4 trillion banking system and avoid a vote-losing "resolution" of Italian ... (more...)
Texas Republican elector says he won't cast ballot for Trump Texas Republican elector says he won't cast ballot for Trump
- December 06, 2016

In the Electoral College, however, Trump carries a lead of 306 to Clinton's 232. Perhaps Suprun and some of Trump's other disappointed supporters assumed the president-elect would undergo personality modification. I pray my fellow electors will do their job and join with me in discovering who that person should be. He wrote that the last time the nation was united was after the September 11 attacks, while President-elect President-elect Trump has failed "to unite America" and drove "a ... (more...)
Iraq's government ferrying relief supplies to Mosul
- December 06, 2016

The United Nations said last week almost 2,000 members of the Iraqi security forces were killed across Iraq in November - a figure which Baghdad says was based on unverified reports . "Our heroic forces are launching a street fight in Bareed since the early morning hours in a bid to control the district. We would just go to work and come home at the end of the day", he said. (more...)
Turkey and Russia want cease-fire in Syria: Turkish official Turkey and Russia want cease-fire in Syria: Turkish official
- December 06, 2016

Speaking at a joint press conference after a meeting with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu in the Mediterranean town of Alanya, Lavrov said Russian Federation would continue efforts to allow humanitarian aid into Aleppo, according to a Turkish translation of his comments. (more...)